As I Am, Changing
videos & mixed media collage
As I Am, Changing
videos and mixed media collages
  • Yellowren Productions Japan
  • 2F, 1-11-19 Aobadai
  • Meguro-ku,
  • Tokyo 153-0042
  • 〒153-0042 東京都目黒区青葉台1-11-19, 2F
  • Saturday 3pm-6pm workshops (adults and children welcome) 10.29 (opening), 11.5, 11.12 (closing)

As I Am, Changing is a series of videos and mixed media collages that explores growth and its process. The longing to change can degenerate into an anxiety-driven obsession, manifested in the body turning against itself. Perception is filtered by obsession, which distorts true understanding of the self and others. Lasting transformation is often caused by indirect forces; a random discovery may outweigh a multitude of deliberate attempts. Some change, like the seasons, can only happen in its own time.

I am exploring this universal experience through self-portraiture. While a typical self-portrait focuses on the face, my self-portraits focus on my whole person, the self as regarded by the ancient Psalmists as a person's thoughts, feelings, will, body, and social relations, all held together by the soul.

This integration of various forms of expression--poetry, performance, and painting--reflects this multilayered understanding of the self. The making of these works involved obscuring and exposing layers of image and text. This process of covering and unveiling mimics the changing of the seasons.

As I Am, Changing depicts the struggle to change in the soul, as manifested in the body and articulated through poetry.

4:50, dimensions variable
5:23, dimensions variable
video and painting
14.5" x 22.375"
acrylic and oil pastel on inkjet print
14.5" x 22.375"
acrylic on inkjet print
4:23, dimensions variable
Untitled Collages 1-3
18" x 24"
mixed media
Exhibition Setup