Art for Sale

all $15 and under $20-$50ish $75+ colors black+white ink watercolor oil or acrylic *new* FAQ

  • Why are you selling your old art? Okay maybe no one is asking this but I would like to answer it. I love making art and I have made a lot of art in my lifetime. This isn’t the kind of art I am making now, so it is unlikely that I would want to put the time/money/effort to exhibit it. Also, it’s eclectic and wouldn’t work well for a show! I have seriously considered throwing this art away, not because I don’t like it, but because it takes room to store (my parents are already storing a lot of art for me, thanks Mom & Dad!) I don’t want to make waste, I’d rather distribute my art to you, fine friends.

  • Why are your prices so low/high? It is always a struggle to determine the price! I calculate price generally based on size and amount of detail/time it took to create the piece. I want to make my art affordable. Selling my artwork online does create additional fees (both from Squarespace and from Paypal) so I have built those fees into the price. And, tax is included. If you cannot afford this artwork but you really want it, let me know and I will happily make it affordable for you. My main goal here is for my art to go to a happy home instead of creating clutter in my 380 square foot home.

  • I want to pick it up the art from Sheri directly instead of shipping. You want to reduce packaging waste and meet up with me?! Cool cool cool. When checking out, once you enter in your address, the “Pick up art from Sheri” option will appear. Select that, and I’ll be in touch. Depending on your schedule and timeline, pick up options include Fremont, Redwood City, South San Jose, and San Francisco.

  • I live outside of the U.S. Can you still ship to me? I can! However, my shipping prices are calculated for U.S. only, so I will charge you an additional shipping fee after you have completed your purchase.