poetry projections


These works in progress correspond to a series of free verse poems reflecting on my spiritual and religious history. These poems are long, often with several sections. These sections might vary in subject, but connect intuitively, chronicling moments of religious conviction - such as baptism - and the complex reasons why I chose to pass through such a ritual or not. I also examine ordinary moments - such as a conversation with my husband about recycling - and draw out their significance. In doing so, I bridge the sacred/secular divide, showing the unfaithful motivations behind some acts of faith, and the spiritual meaning in ordinary behavior or ordinary struggle.

feast: BREAD, 2018, video reel 1m53s (full length 6m 20s)

feast: WATER, 2018, 2m

open (body)

Made for Progressive Asian American Christian’s Diverging Magazine, Lent Devotional 2019.


“Food is shut within our bodies as in a very beautiful purse.

When necessity calls,

the purse opens and then shuts

again, in the most fitting way. And it is

God who does this

because I was shown that the Goodness of

God permeates us ever in our humblest needs.

God does not despise creation, nor does

God disdain to serve us in the simplest

function that belongs to our bodies in


because God loves the soul

and the soul is made

in the image of God.”

-Julian of Norwich

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